Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sonnet Recipe: Blueberry-Ginger Freezer Jam

Three cups blueberries first, you have to mash,
Until you've got a lovely purple pulp.
Next get four cups of sugar from your stash
Cook with the berries till it's gone - Oh, gulp!
You're halfway there! Remember, though, to stir
While on the heat; the sugar must dissolve.
The ginger, crystallized, comes next - of her
You need two tablespoons - this will involve
Some chopping fine beforehand. Mix that in
Along with 1T lemon juice and one-
Half teaspoon of ground ginger. The pectin,
The liquid kind, 3 ounces, follows. Fun!
Pour into freezer jars and let it stand
A day, then you can freeze or serve. How grand!


  1. That would jump right into my bowls of Strauss full-fat organic yogurt from Marin County's lovely open farmlands.

  2. That would be lovely. It's awfully nice in my homemade-but-from-Meadow-Gold-skim-milk vanilla yogurt!

  3. Yum! I guess I need blueberries and pectin. I have tons of peaches, maybe peach with ginger jam....

  4. One thing I left out that I still haven't found a way to fit into the sonnet - let the mess stand for ten minutes before you add the pectin!


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