Monday, August 17, 2009

In Which I Go Wild About A Comet Sample

A sample from a comet called Wild Two
Has yielded up results that could support
Panspermia, the notion that the stew
From which we're made just could be an import
From outer space. Yes, found was some glycine,
Without which many proteins cannot form.
And lest you think that this can only mean
Contamination -- you're not even warm!
The Carbon therein has one more neutron,
Than what we mostly find down here on Earth.
We're stardust, perhaps also comet-spawn,
Enough to inflate anyone's self-worth,
E'en if, as may well prove to be the case,
It turns out we've got relatives in space.


  1. I saw the note earlier about this find and proceeded to versify it. Your sonnet and mine are on the same thing...yours is much prettier. I keep writing clunky likes...Oh well, what gets keystroked is what shows on the screen.

  2. Wild Two, that rascal from outer space
    Fucking planets all over the place
    God knows where he's been
    Seminating glycine
    Forming DNA polymerase*

    *Not sure if DNA polymerase is an enzyme that needs glycine to form though (Just used it for the rhyme)


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