Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sonnet Dare: In Which I Channel A Jedi Master For A Friend's Benefit

When Lethe claimed all that he could do was try,
I promised that quote Yoda I would not.
There things might end, but not so; let it fly
He did with dares. Since like him I a lot,
Down it could not turn I. Write it I will,
A Yoda sonnet, for him it just is.
For fun it is, and as a test of skill
Not beaten could it be. The pleasure's his,
I'm sure, while gloating he must sit
In certainty that fail I will at last.
Too easy it is, though, he will admit
Like Yoda writing is - also a blast!
Fear I do that for all of today
Talk will I now in this peculiar way.


  1. Making me blush again, you are, Lethe!

  2. Brilliant. And I still don't understand why Yoda couldn't learn grammar in the 900 years that he lived.


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