Friday, August 28, 2009

Sonnet Dare: In Which A Friend And I Wolf Whistle At The Geologic Universe

I doff my hat to William Donahue
For pointing out a thing that's truly hawt:
Both Geo Hrab and his fair partner, who
Already easy on the eyes, have got
Classy new looks! The Maestro grew some hair;
Not on the pate (thank Bog), but on his face
(And yes, that makes him Evil Hrab), right where
It should be. And MsInformation's grace
Is stunningly enhanced by cute new specs.
Applause is due them both, I do agree!
Though crashes may result as rubbernecks
At their most fav'rite crosswalk bend to see
Them as they ward off those fools who would press
That button. This could all be quite a mess!


  1. Huzzah, my name in a sonnet! Bonus points for working in hawt and Evil Hrab. Lovely.

  2. Ooooh cool. Can you podcast this one?

  3. Of course I can! It's perfect for the (seekrit!) theme of next week's show!


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