Thursday, August 20, 2009

In Which Mac Tonnies Takes A Turn In The Birthday Barrel

Mac Tonnies makes the internet more strange
Than it already is. That's quite a feat!
But he's an eye for signs of hoped-for change,
For beautiful decay, for all that's neat.
A diff'rent kind of skeptic, too, is he,
Who stresses what we don't know but could find
Were we but to try looking. When I see
The world through Tonnies' glasses I'm entwined
In future's promise, good and bad. Today,
His birthday, also is H.P. Lovecraft's!
And we can make of that whate'er we may.
Coincidence, I'll say - yet how I laughed
On learning that. So happy birthday, Mac.
How's that new book a-comin'? Don't you slack!

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