Monday, August 24, 2009

In Which I Prepare To Escape Into Life

A new notebook's an empty, perfect thing.
Its blankness is intimidating. Yet
Shall I soon mar it. Watch me as I fling
Myself into a sexy new project.
When Lethe Bashar invited me to join
His magazine's new Moleskine art bazaar,
I said "of course" before I thought what coin
Of spirit I could offer. I'm not far
Along in choosing what to use to fill
My journal. Sonnets, sure, but something more?
I'm still excited, trembling with the thrill
Of trying something new, but will I bore
His public, who one day ere long will buy
Escape Into Life's wares? The aim is high!


  1. Love the title of this post . . .

    And the poem is marvelous . . .

    Still can't get over how talented you are . . .


  2. I thought you'd like that title, Lethe. *I* like the title of your magazine, and its ambitions. It really does remind me of HORIZON of old.

    Exciting things are afoot!

    - Kate


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