Saturday, August 29, 2009

In Which I Ponder Some New Kind Of Slaughter

Sonneteer's note: The full title of the graphic novel reviewed here is Some New Kind of Slaughter - or - Lost in the Flood (And How We Found Home Again): Diluvian Myths from Around the World (and you thought my titles were long!).

Did this ark save or just delay us, asks
Ziusudra, afloat amidst the flood
That haunts our legends, dramas, myths and masques.
Some New Kind of Slaughter does not, in blood,
But water drowns the world as tales unfold
From all times and all cultures. Noah's there,
Uncanny figures all, each comes aware
Of what's to come, as in our present day
One woman sees the facts of what we've done
And knows it all could happen just that way
To us. As stories twine we're watched by one
Great turtle, who'll inherit a wet world,
So Mann and Lewis' nightmare is unfurled.

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