Saturday, August 1, 2009

Gutenberg Did Not Invent Printing, Either

Today we woke somewhat surprised to find
That Little, Brown invented a new style
Of publishing: the podcast novel. Mind,
We all had thought this happened quite a while
Ago. But Sarah Shrubb insisted they were first,
Which makes us ponder what it is that we
Were hearing at Podiobooks. The worst,
Of half-assed Google searches, sure, would be
Enough to prove this wrong. I'll bet Bi Sheng
Would be just as surprised to learn that Herr
Johannes Gutenberg had baldly wrung
A claim to type invention; ah, but there
I stray into rank silliness. We know
'Twas Morris, Sigler, Jeffrey made it go.


  1. Well, isn't SHE just full of herself.

    I suppose she invented the internet, too.

  2. The really annoying thing is all the ire that got kicked up against Iain Banks in this whole thing. He's someone who should be a hero to many, a great sci-fi writer with courage of his convictions, and it wasn't his fault this EDITORIAL DIRECTOR was such a doofus.


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