Tuesday, August 25, 2009

When It Rains I Can Pretend I'm Camping

My house has metal awnings, front and back.
So when it rains, the water has a voice.
I sit beneath them, listen to the clack
And clatter of the droplets. Happy choice
It was, to build them on. All that ribbed steel
Is like a camper's roof. When I was young
And slept up in the bunk on trips, I'd feel
And hear drops inches from me. How I've clung
To memories like these as time has passed.
Now it's just me, my patio, cigars,
A border collie and the great contrast
Twixt grey skies and green yard, and passing cars -
But their noise is drowned out by all the rain's
Metallic noises on the awnings' planes.


  1. Lovely! All this sunny CA bs with no rain is depressing. ;-)
    Have you heard of rain chains? Somehow they escaped my discovery until last year. Thanks for the pretty sonnet.

  2. A friend in Saratoga has rain chains on his house. They're lovely!

    Our rains don't last nearly long enough to suit me. Sometimes I've barely gotten settled in to enjoy before they're over.

  3. Move to Portland!

  4. Don't think I haven't thought about it, Kris! You know how much I love that city.


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