Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In Which I Shamelessly Plug An Adventure In Criticism, or #FilmsWithBrent: The Sonnet

It started when Brent put Blade Runner on
(Conceptually it seems so long ago,
Can it have been just short weeks have gone?).
I said I'd watch it too, caught up fast, and lo!
Though Brent's in Pennsylvania and I'm not
We dug the film together and we shared
Our exhaltations in our tweets, thought
This should be a reg'lar thing. Now, don't be scared;
This isn't MST3K redux.
We're working with the films we love the most,
And unlike there, we've endless room for you.
At 10 P.M. on Wednesday nights, our host
And I don our best film geek hats. This round
It's Fight Club. Could it e'er get more profound?

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