Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In Which I Have No Idea Who The Other Dude Is But Gary Oldman Is In A Beautiful Suit And So I Swoon

Steampunk I'm known to like, it's true, but there's
Some things I like e'en more, like men in suits
And Gary Oldman; news that someone cares
To notice this is sweeter than the fruits
Of e'en the plummest trees. Just look at these!
There's more o'er at the site. O Prada, now
You have got my attention, sort of. Please,
Are there more photos somewhere, more somehow?
It's greedy of me, I know. Does it hurt
To ask though, really? I mean, gosh, that cape,
And that Van Dyke. I sit up straight, alert,
And lean far forward, better thus to gape.
He's come a long way, no, from playin' a punk?
Now, cough, excuse me, I'll be in my bunk.

Sonneteer's note: many effusive thanks to April Raines, who saw this and thought of me and alerted me instanter.

This one included because it is EssJay's favorite. Purple stripes on teh Gary. Hubba and also hubba.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sonnet Dare: For @popqueenie With Lurve

Oh, what was worse? That Harry's father's Snape?
Hermione his sister? As for Ron
We all know he shot first. Such is the shape
Of harsh reality that's going on
Around us. But take heart! Hermione
Near-naked, chained up in Miss Umbridge's lair,
Still needs a rescue! Dumbledore, we'll see
Will only come back stronger. Do we care
That Neville knows 6000 robot tongues?
That Voldemart has bargainses galore?
And as for Fred and George's bantha dungs
The finest bombs are made from them -- and more!
Now study up your jawa-zapping charms!
The final's coming up. Raise the alarms!