Friday, September 30, 2011

In Which I Sign Some Books

This bowling alley was the first locale
For my al fresco sonnetizing, so
I do decree this night that said place shall
Be most appropriate to thus bestow
My autograph the first time on my book!
My worst friend, Kevin, ordered copies, and
So eager was he to have him a look,
Demanded one-day shipping. Ain't that grand?
So there I sat and signed them. Oh, the thrill
Is quite unparalleled! It's feeling real:
My heart is pounding loudly even still
(Though that might be from beer without a meal)!
My joy at all of this is quite profound
And sharing it with you ? Kazoos resound!

Monday, September 26, 2011

In Which A Paperback Is Now Available

Rejoice ye sonnet fans known to prefer
Thy doggerel when printed on dead tree!
This day, t'would seem, is when Kate says that her
Collection as a paperback may be
Obtained from Amazon! Go take a look!
Thy sonneteer will wait. Her gratitude
Is vast, to all who helped her with this book,
In choosing entries, in taking her crude,
Unformed ideas on layout and design
And making of them such a lovely thing
As makes her wonder if a tome so fine
Could ever bear her name! Lo it doth wring
Fat tears of joy from her bewildered eyes
To share this news with you - that's no surprise.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

In Which I Try To Stay Positive In the Face Of Unfairness

Life's short, so grab your nearest love, for me
And hold him tightly for a moment; say
All that you should (same goes if it's a she)
Ere darkness falls and closes out this day.
Not ev'ryone today is going to lose
That last chance, but we never know until
It's far too late. Therefore it's best to choose
To lead on with your heart, suppress the will
To self-defense. Far better risk the hurt
Of some misunderstanding or rebuff
Of your short, deeply honest, silly blurt,
Than to regret you never said enough.
Too short a time amongst us, Kenny; I
Was really not prepared to say good-bye.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

On Waiting For Another Film At The Lightbox

The theatre fills up and people chat
With strangers, seatmates, friends, all movie fans
Bright-eyed and eager, always hoping that
The best is yet to come, that well-laid plans
Made poring o'er the website weeks ago
Won't lead to disappointment now. The risk
Of duds is always there; lo, to our woe
We have encountered two so far. Paul's brisk
To point out that more wonders have we seen
Than pointless staring wank-fests. This is true!
And this is why my interest still is keen
As I wait for the lights to dim, a few
Announcements, pre-film snippets, then the start
Of something yet unknown. Be still, my heart!

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

In Which I Can Only Say Wow

There's nothing like disaster-time to teach
Who's in my corner, how I have been blessed
With friends as true as e'er there were. And each
Kept me far from despair throughout. My quest
Henceforth is to deserve them. Pardon me;
Particulate invasion of my eyes
Afflicts me once again. How can it be
That trouble turns to joy so fast? Surprise!
Dross can be turned to gold; the magic's there
Just waiting to be tapped. And now my hope
Is that I'll somehow prove this. To be fair
I know my luck's been good beyond my scope,
So even when it's bad some alchemist
Transforms it. I can't be alone in this...?