Friday, September 30, 2011

In Which I Sign Some Books

This bowling alley was the first locale
For my al fresco sonnetizing, so
I do decree this night that said place shall
Be most appropriate to thus bestow
My autograph the first time on my book!
My worst friend, Kevin, ordered copies, and
So eager was he to have him a look,
Demanded one-day shipping. Ain't that grand?
So there I sat and signed them. Oh, the thrill
Is quite unparalleled! It's feeling real:
My heart is pounding loudly even still
(Though that might be from beer without a meal)!
My joy at all of this is quite profound
And sharing it with you ? Kazoos resound!


  1. I'm so proud of you Kate - I just saw that you published your Suppertime Sonnets!

  2. Thanks, Karen! It's pretty weird and exciting a thing to have done 8)

  3. Hi Kate, I sent you an email re autographed book, just let me know. Thx and congrats again.

  4. Hurrah, Kate! Major kudos! So happy for you...and don't you knows... I'm heading to Amazon to buy your book, can't wait for me to have my very first look! ;)


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