Sunday, August 2, 2009

BONUS SONNET: In Which I Bluff My Way Through Some Chat Show Aftermath

Ostensibly we gathered round to talk
On art and commerce and just what went wrong
With Fincher's Alien 3. It did rock
Though we digressed a bit as five quite strong
Artistic types will do. Then came a thought:
Since Ridley Scott is who's been picked to helm
A prequel Alien, who really ought
To take Sigourney Weaver's role? A realm
Of possibilities occured: J Roth Cornet?
Ann Hathaway? I won't embarrass Brent
By saying who he picked; you'll hear it yet
When CUT goes live. Then Tim Coyne went
With Minka Kelly, who I'd never think(a)
But sure, by all means, go link(a) with Minka.

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