Friday, August 28, 2009

BONUS SONNET: In Which The Birthday Blast Claims Another Victim

So many writers born this month, I find,
I'm still a-sonnetizing for them as
It nears a close. Today the birthday grind
Doth claim one Brandon Ford, a scribe who has
A taste for things that grind and splatter up,
For scream queens -- and for sentimental songs.
Yeah, like most ghouls, at heart he's just a pup.
With sweet marshmallows - that's where he belongs.
(You see how well he's fooled me?). Quite all right.
Ain't never been a single-facet star,
Not even one who frightens one by night
Like cold Polaris in Lovecraft-y tales,
Whose baleful glow leaves one biting one's nails.

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