Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sonnet Dare: Concerning M. Night Shamalamadoodad And His Role In All Our Lives

M. Night Shamalamadoodad is now
That film director's name, thanks to Nicole,
In my book evermore. And as to how
This happened? I can't say I know the whole
Sad story, but that's quite all right on a
Sad Saturday at work, stuck without light
(Outvoted on the dimmer switch, then, yay,
A flicker in the tubes meant an outright
Shut off!). Now as I sit here in the dark
I wonder what my "twist" ending will be.
One task light's shorted out; perhaps a spark
From the one left will bring my woes to three?
Or suddenly I'll find out that my chest
Is bioluminescent? T'would be best.

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