Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sonnet Dare: In Which I Flirt With Trapping Myself In My Own Brain Loop

My expectations, met by District Nine
And yet not met... now just what does that mean?
This query, posed to me today online
Set me upon a path that, sight unseen
Is surely dangerous for me to tread.
Just as the centipede's dilemma does
Pose quite a threat to my poor tender head,
A hoops snake's shape looms also, just because
I try now to recall just what they were,
Those expectations I had, going in
To see the film. 'Tis tricky, memory:
I think back on my hopes with much chagrin,
Is what I think I hoped changed now, for me,
By what the actual exper'ience brought?
My circuits overload; my brain grows hot.

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