Saturday, August 8, 2009

On Meter-Swapping, And Why It Messes With My Head

A sonnet every day has been my vow,
As I did undertake on New Year's Eve.
I've never missed a day - please don't ask how -
And once 'twas underway I did believe
I'd no more frets 'bout getting each one done.
But then I got an idea I have held
In check -- until I succumbed to the fun
It offered: a mock-epic that would weld
Space opera with farce. Yet woe is me:
Ottava rima is the classic way
Those are constructed, it is plain to see.
It's not unlike a sonnet, some might say:
Ten syllables a line, iambic, yet
The rhyme's scheme's off and so's the length, you bet!

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