Friday, August 28, 2009

Bonus Sonnet Dare: An Encomium To A Show I Have Not, In Fact, Seen

A TV-free house is mine, but for one
Exception: I'm a total Netflix fan.
Yes, Hulu means I don't miss all the fun,
But laptop-watching's not part of my plan.
This means I've not seen Fringe, though I'll amend
That in September when it comes out in
A DVD set. This sounds like a blend
Of X-Files and Repairman Jack: pure win!
And I see Leonard Nimoy's in the cast.
So Barton Morse, who dared me here to write,
An homage to a show I'm too harassed
To watch until it's mailed to me one night
Next month, I must say thank you; I have made
A priority of it now -- nay, crusade!

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