Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sonnet Duet: An Interview With The Magnificent, The Mighty, Mur Lafferty

O Mighty Mur, how go things with the War?
Quite well, Kate, it's a book worth fighting for.
Playing for Keeps was great; when is there more?
There is more story there; I'll open that door.
Parenting, fiction-fu, how big's that plate?
I'm never bored; my life is really great.
What's your best tool to keep all of this straight?
I'm old school with paper and pen with weight.
Infinite time is yours - what do you do?
I don't have time to consider - no clue!
And is there word on Heaven's print debut?
Not yet. The edits now I'm working through.
Mur Lafferty, what is the pow'r of PANTS?
Work from home, be productive, erase can'ts.


  1. I love how Mur found a way to be inspirational even in this format. That's why I <3 her. Well, that and all the entertainment she and the PT provide ;)


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