Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In Which I Tap My Foot And Dare To Dream

Sonneteer's note: Special thanks to Felicia, the rainfairy, for the magnificently apt phrase "Jedi speed dial"

The last rainfall revealed a roofing fail,
Disclosed by a new ceiling leak. I called
The roofer who, like any male,
Said he'd call right back. Oh, how time has crawled
Since then. He came just last night, checked it out,
And mapped out just what tasks he'd need to do,
Then said he'd come today, would give a shout
To say what time he'd be here, see it through.
I've spent most of today beside the phone,
To find out when my peace will be disturbed.
But Jedi speed dial's not a pow'r I own:
I cannot stare and make it ring. Perturbed?
Well, just a bit. Meanwhile I'll take a nap.
That ought to make it happen in a snap!


  1. Not really approaching the gold standard (you), but I offer a comment in kind:

    I wash my car sometimes in jest to see
    If rain will follow. It never does but
    Once, I hung my laundry in July and
    Rain poured down so hard I barely made it
    To the house in time to avoid drenching!
    Men require similar stimuli and
    If threatened properly can be made to
    Give up their power of selection and
    Chose to serve us women, bidden as they
    Are by us; though not by choice, but desire.
    Withhold the thing they most desire, be it
    Money, sex or fame or promise thereof,
    And they are putty in our hands.
    If only our hearts understood this plan.

    Maren Wryn

  2. Are you kidding? That was GREAT!!!!!


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