Tuesday, August 18, 2009

In Which I Basically Phone One In

I've been invaded by my mom and dad,
And last night, as they say, I overtrained.
I've no regrets, but really I'll be glad
To see this day end. Really, I'm quite drained.
Much wine, too little sleep, too much to do --
My parents shop hard when they come to town,
And there is dinner yet to whip up, too
And dominos to play ere I lay down
To properly sleep off all last night's fun.
But no hangover's ever going to stop
My writing this, my daily sonnet. One
Day I'll falter, let this program drop
But it won't be today, so here it is:
A meta-sonnet. Sure, I am a whiz!


  1. Dominos without me? Oh well, I guess someone else will get to win then!!!

  2. Such is my existence. Trash talked by my own sister on my poetry blog! Rawk!


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