Saturday, August 15, 2009

In Which The AstroEngine's Odometer Hits 29

Such marvels did that #dirtyscience bring!
A running joke as we waited to hear
The Bad Astronomer doing his thing
On Coast to Coast in March of this fine year!
That's how Ian O'Neill entered my ken.
And now I know there's more to him than stars.
A fine DJ and bunny-lover when
He isn't writing articles. It's ours
To thank him on his natal day, today,
For all the fun he's brought, this crazy guy.
I think of him when weird news comes my way,
And always when I look up at the sky.
So happy birthday, Ian, you cool cat.
Now I recall... something about a hat?

1 comment:

  1. Thank you so much Kate! I'm overwhelmed :) You'r a star (coming from a solar physicist, it's official!)

    And don't you worry about the hat - I'm putting a lot of thought into it -- it's going to be the best tin foil hat ever ;)

    Lots of hugs :)


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