Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Flash: Everyone's A Critic

Sonneteer's note: this is the sixth installment of my sonnet-by-sonnet summary of a larger work, The Interstellar Feller, to be released sometime next year. To see the story so far, check out Part the Oneth here, Part the Twoth here, Part the Threeth here, part the Fourth here and Part the Fiveth here!

The shuttle's plume of flame as it departs
Draws much attention 'round the neighborhood,
Especially that of good old Farmer Hartz
Whose field was decorated by the good
And hearty crew of Grokluator. He
Emerges from the farmhouse with a rake
He brandishes as what must surely be
His only weapon, but they are long gone,
The artists who made of his field a shrine
To Pepi's manly beauty. As the dawn
Breaks on Hartz' landscape, all that fine
Detail work is lost on the landowner
But 'mongst the news 'copters is caused a stir.

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  1. Kate you are the queen of the sonnet. I'm never disapointed and ever facinated at your abilities.


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