Monday, September 28, 2009

Meta Sonnet: In Which I Consider The Role Of Technology In My Poetry For ParadiseTossed

Without the internet, they could not be,
These sonnets that I publish every day.
While, when first I did start, I thought I'd see
Some real-life inspiration in the play
Of people and events, quite soon I found
A richer vein on Twitter for ideas:
Those links and news which daily there abound
Are now essential; then, too, there's the squeeze
I sometimes put to friends there: sonnet dares.
Then, too, there is the question of research!
I am no chemist, for example. There's
No telling in what deeply horrid lurch
I'd be without those Wikis and RhymeZone.
I don't think I could write these all alone.


  1. Oh my! Kate, thanks a lot. With your permission, of course, I'll reblog this gem on Wednesday. What a lovely reflection on the usefulness of the Internet to poets!

  2. Of course you may, my dear! I wrote it just for you and your magazine ;)


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