Saturday, September 26, 2009

In Which I Squee Over... A Gemstone?

I must admit, I long have had a crush
Or two on men whom history has named
As Great, including Alexander. Mush
Replaces brains at any time this famed
Megalomaniac is brought up. I
Have won bar bets on what he called his horse
(Bucephalus) (my hometown's strange) - no lie!
So when I saw this gemstone that, of course,
Was just unearthed in Israel I was
Quite captivated. This carnelian stone
Depicts him young and hubba-worthy. Does
This make me sound a madwoman? I own
Such as an epithet for me. Hooray!
The news of this has simply made my day!


  1. A lovely sonnet this is and a megalomaniac Alex was! Sigh! Here's my secret: I also have a huggggge crush on Alexander the Great! But first about your poem and the carnelian find: That majestic nose, those beautiful curls, that chin and that diadem, all carved on a blood red gemstone! How precious and primitively lusty to portray him on heart-red color! ;)

    Megaloniacs (or not)in movies: I liked Colin Farrell as Alexander in the movie of the same name. But something was missing there! (not sure what). Also a big fan of Russell Crowe's character General Maximus Decimus (Gladiator). Curiously Joaquin Phoenix as Commodus was delish as well! :) Brad Pitt as Achilles in Troy disappointed me! Not sure why I'm writing all this!

    Your sonnet and the Carnelian Alexander has taken me back to my imaginary historical wanderings! Have a great day!

  2. We are in agreement on all of these things except for Colin Farrell. The very idea of him as AtG still strikes me as ridiculous (ditto La Jolie as his mom) and I can't bring myself to rent the film.

    Glad you liked it. Could you hear me squee over the stone from where you are?


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