Monday, September 21, 2009

In Which The Seasons Change Very Swiftly

Just yesterday I wrote of the approach
Of Autumn, felt and seen by many signs.
I missed it once again; winter doth broach
Our talk already as the month declines.
Today's the equinox if one believes
The calendar, but, in Wyoming, learn:
Already we have snow. I'm sure the leaves
Would have been pretty if allowed to turn,
Likewise, the crabapples that I've watched grow
In my backyard might have made lovely jam
Had they a chance to ripen. But I know
Such hopes are most quixotic, as I am
Each April when I dream of such. Alas!
How swiftly those Fall minutes seem to pass!


  1. Tremendous Sonnet KATE OF MIND!!

    ...surely the work of a professional...I am very impressed. I am at a loss for words except to say that it is exactly what a sonnet should be, by my estimation!!! I am very happy I saw the post on twitter, and I will try to be more alert of your work...keep it up...



  2. This is great. You've made your personal experience of the changing seasons so vivid, we can all share, or at least imagine, what it's like in your part of the world. The second quatraine is particularly sharp, I think. Amazed you did this in a day. I've only just got here from a Lethe Bashir tweet. How long have you been doing them?

  3. A very beautiful sonnet with words so slow but quick as are the seasons that arrive,we are to take a glance back in sight and it is there alreay,the season that stood with you has passed.

  4. Thanks, fellas! I really do think I slept through autumn again. It's my favorite season but sometimes in Wyoming it really just doesn't happen!

    @Badger I've been doing this for 9 1/2 months now. My first sonnet EVER was December 31, 2008 (and is a poor thing; I've come far indeed, I think).

    I don't know how I'm going to repay Lethe for all the new readers he has sent my way, but I'm sure he'll think of something!


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