Tuesday, September 29, 2009

BONUS SONNET: In Which I Take A Slightly Inebriated Bike Ride

A few beers 'neath my belt from Kevin's pad,
Deep Blue between my legs under a sky
Both deep and dark, a bright moon and a tad
Too much effusive joy to act as guide
I pedaled swiftly home. The Greenway's glow
In moonlight kept me safely within bounds
Though my gaze was turned up more, toward the show
Up there, as Venus shyly made her rounds
Close to our satellite, which so has caught
Our thoughts, imagination for so long.
Just slightly off my stride, I perhaps ought
Not to have been a-biking, but no wrong
Or harm came to me; truly I felt charmed
And now am home all safe and yes, unharmed.


  1. I love it, especially the part about the "A few beers 'neath my belt..." I always have fun reading your sonnets. Thanks.

  2. Ilove it!

    “Growing Older Can Be Tricky!”
    Story told by Winston
    October 6, 2007

    For some reason or other when I walk, my feet get tangled from time to time,
    And I end up on the ground!
    On Saturday last I was trying out a walker with wheels on it,
    To exercise my legs by allowing me to walk farther, without tripping or falling.

    The first thing that I did was to lock the breaks before I sat on the seat about to take a short break; the sidewalk has a slight angle this caused the walker to turn and drop one wheel off the sidewalk pulling me backwards and ended up in the gutter, slamming the back of my hand and elbow on the ash fault and then continuing by landing on my shoulder!
    Kaye was on the phone talking to Walter Delahunt in Vienna, when she saw the horrifying event take place from her front door, Kaye said to Walter, “Winston just fell off his walker.”

    Walter said, “Hang up the phone and go out and see if he’s alright!”
    Kaye hung up the phone and came out to see if I had hurt myself.

    Linda said to Kaye, “It all happened so fast and I couldn’t stop him from falling!”

    Kaye looked at me and said, “You look as if you’re in shock Winston!
    Can I get you a bit of scotch?”
    I answered, “You must be reading my mind, and yes I could use a small bolt to straighten me up.”

    I carefully positioned the walker on the sidewalk and sat in silence swearing under my breath while drinking my scotch.

    Kaye asked, “Are you okay Winston did you cut yourself anywhere?”
    I answered, “I think that all I need is a big bandage on my pride.”
    After a short period of time I thanked Kaye for the scotch and handed her the empty glass, I got up and took a firm grip on the handles of the walker and like a beaten dog I headed to the safety of my home with out looking back.

    I didn't break my shoulder or anything else on that day,
    But it didn't help me at all with any of my plans for exercising my legs.

    I am sure that if I persevere the walker can be mastered; after all I do see people much older than I using walkers, if they can do it so can I!
    As soon as my shoulder feels better or when I get older I’ll give the walker another try.

  3. I can totally picture this! Sounds like I missed another good night at Kevvy's!


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