Wednesday, September 30, 2009

In Which An Engagement Is Announced That Shows All Is Right With The World - Or That The Zombie Apocalypse Is Imminent - Or Both

My friend, James Melzer, cried out "Hey there, BEAAAAANNNNS,
How 'bout we climb up in that Zombie Tree
And fight off walking death from there. I means
For good. And between battles, why don't we
Make sweet love by the fire?" "Oh, well, of COURSE!"
Quoth our Jennifer Hudock. Hold the phone --
Did Melzer just sprout antlers by main force
Of Beanses' strange imagination? Own
It James, you are her hero and I'll say
The antlers suit you well, and as does that hue
Of green she's got you wearing. Shout "hooray"
My readers, at the wondrous schemes these two
Concoct both for themselves and all of us.
I'll say this news is worth making a fuss!

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