Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In Which I Watch A Strange Convention From The Sidelines (And No, It Is Not Bacon-Con)

I really just don't understand the birds!
Cheyenne's entire population of
American Tree sparrows, or two-thirds
Of it at least, are, for all love,
Now congregated tight in my backyard.
What's drawn them here to me? I cannot guess.
I simply watch them hopping, jostling hard
Against each other in the grass -- unless
The brand-new chilliness has caused
A mass die-off of insects? Winter's change
Makes these birds switch from bugs to seeds. I've paused
Now in this writing because something strange
Just happened: they've all flown up to my fence,
Then flown back to my lawn again. What sense?


  1. Was Molly afraid of them? Did you take any pictures???

  2. Strangely, Molly never noticed them. It was not during one of her outdoor soujourns, natch. Every time I tried to photograph them, they flew up onto my fence.

    I do think they were just feasting on the dead insects in the weeds/grass. I hold out no hope for them also helping themselves to the copious droppings left by Erin-Go-Braless' TWO insane labs.


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