Tuesday, September 8, 2009

In Which I Start Seriously Anticipating A Live Gig

I must admit, I've truly got an itch
Today to see live music, but I've got
A month yet ere I go to see some Bhtch,
My buddy's band. Just recently I've caught
This urge in earnest; it's consuming me.
I've been a friend and fan so very long!
I'm like the Conchords' Mel, as you will see
If you're around, especially if one song
I wrote for them gets played: The Donut Ranch,
Or one I will not name here: too obscene
(But you can go and listen; just don't blanch
At the portmanteau cursing); here I'm clean,
As is my podcast. O, October 9
At Morseland! I've got chills all up my spine!


  1. Hey! Sorry, K8E
    But those songs did not make it
    How about smutyet?

  2. I'm just going to be glad to see you guys perform somewhere besides Papa Mueller's basement after all these years ;)


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