Sunday, September 20, 2009

In Which I Feel The Approach Of A New Season

The leaves, still green, could have blown off the trees
Today, instead of twisting to point out
The wind's direction. We've not had a freeze
As yet, to make my neighbors rush about
And cover their tomatoes, but, this week,
When I get on my bike, the sky's still dark,
For that first morning ride to work. Soon bleak
And cold this trip will be, lonely and stark --
Already my hands need a pair of gloves.
But for right now, the grasshoppers, my friends
Still bask in afternoon heat, but my loves
Grow sluggish, and more of them meet their ends
'Neath walking feet and skates and, yes, bike tires.
And with them soon the summer, too, expires.


  1. I loved the consonance in this one . . .

  2. Thanks. I'm never sure how much of that I can "get away with"; ditto overuse of a particular vowel sound as in the first five lines. My ear still isn't what it should be, I keep suspecting.


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