Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sonnet Dare: In Which I Sonnetize Under The Influence of Three New Belgium Trippel Ales

A comics shop purveyor helped me start,
This tiny drinking binge, so it is meet
That yet another (Jesse) hit my heart
And dare me to a drunken sonnet. Sweet!
Hub Comics would have been a pilgrimage
Were I still a mad Somervidlian,
But Massachusetts I left. Now my edge
Is honed on my Wyoming life. My pen,
Though, knows no bounds, when I'm in cups
As I am now. It is my Friday night.
O, Lager-Laundry Night! O how your ups
Accompanied by no downs, still delight
Me. Once 'twas Mike Toole and Miss Clayton who,
With anime and suds filled in for brew!

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