Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Flash: Earth Receives A Memento

Sonneteer's note: this is the fourth installment of my sonnet-by-sonnet summary of a larger work, The Interstellar Feller, to be released sometime next year. To see the story so far, check out Part the Oneth here, Part the Twoth here and Part the Threeth here.

Pepito as a deckhand's comical.
Yectara's crew relieves him of his task
And soon all are aboard her small shuttle,
Each, save Pepito, in an alien mask,
Presenting big-eyed faces to whome'er
Might chance to see them. A great diagram
Is pinned up to the bulkhead. Now with care
Each crewman studies as for an exam,
While soon an earthly field of grain beneath
The shuttle's jets waves. Out the crewmen pour,
Each with a board and ropes and now fan out
To mash down plants precisely. 'Tis their chore.
Yectara minds their efforts, but without
A word they finish. And where they just strode
Pepito's likeness now has an abode.


  1. So that's where crop circles come from...:)

  2. You astound yet again! Stellar (or interstellar as the case may be) last line. You are such a tease.

  3. It's odd, but in reading my brain kind of forgot about the format just made pictures :)

    Now I must go back and read them all.

    Great job!

  4. Wow. Lovely! Do they also have anything to do with Stonehenge, cause that would explain a lot!

    Really enjoyed, thanks.

  5. The good ship Grokulator may take them many places and times before this is through...

  6. I love the idea of space travellers wearing alien masks. Great stuff, as usual.

  7. Brilliant, as usual. You fit the words together like a jigsaw puzzle, revealing parts of the total picture. Amazing.

  8. Thanks for another installment. I look forward to this each week.

  9. Wow! I feel like I have a cheering section! It's giving me all kinds of motivation for moving along with the mock-epic (in ottava rima!). Maybe I'll finish it BEFORE next spring! You guys rule!

  10. The thing I love about poetry is that every word is critical - it makes you really consider each and every part. You've done a great job of compacting the story into this format - well done!


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