Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Meta-Sonnet: In Which I Dream Of A Better One

Today I wrote a sonnet in a dream,
Dreamed, too, that I had posted it right here,
Where this attempt is now. But it would seem
The adder whom I dreamed stole it. I fear
It was the best one that I ever wrote.
I certainly believed this as I slept.
I reach now for it, just to watch it float
Away. I sit and wish now that I'd kept
On sleeping, even though t'would be a waste
Of precious time, called free, that's really not
At all free. How I live my life, in haste
To reach these days, only to nap and rot
When they arrive! And yet, shining and rare
That sonnet, dreamed of, still awaits me there.


  1. "..How I live my life, in haste to reach these days, only to nap and rot when they arrive!"

    well done.

  2. Lovely conceit well maintained and kept buoyant. Brava.

  3. Brilliant, they're getting better and better!

  4. Thank you, gentlemen. I wonder if I'll spend the rest of my life chasing that imaginary poem.

  5. Very, very nice


  6. ooh, nice :) a sonnet version of the lost chord

  7. Kind of like "Tribute"!


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