Saturday, September 5, 2009

In Which I Put On My Teeth-Kicking Boots

O Jennifer, I'm glad that you're in love
And glad for Melzer, too, but knock it off.
A promise made and kept I am proud of:
If you slack off I kick your teeth and scoff.
It's great to start short stories but more so
To finish them. Now quit blaming your job,
Your dog, your grim apartment and your woe
That Dragons Con without you this year. Sob
When you have finished what you have begun.
And know that I am taking my advice
As well. As acolytes unto the Cult of Done
We must advance. Just think about how nice
'Twill be to have accomplished what we meant.
Such ample dividends on what we've spent!

1 comment:

  1. And rest assured, dear friends, that I feel this teeth-kicking as keenly as Jennifer does. I have been a woeful slacker myself. Whenever one points the toe there are four pointing back at one. If you have strange enough feet.


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