Sunday, September 13, 2009

In Which A Tasty New Recipe Is Born... Well, Maybe Not

My sister hath rare culinary skill:
When I found frozen tater tots a-athaw
Upon the counter, she did not grow ill,
Suggested an idea, which I, with awe,
Share here: her notion of just what I ought
To do with them. And it's not wholly bad.
Dear sister Kris, she knows that I've been caught
With no bananas, and that I have had
A green tea smoothie daily for a year
(Green tea, banana, honey, frozen fruit
All blended well). She blurted out with cheer
That tater tots might be a substitute
For those bananas. Truly, she is wise.
She's single too, and easy on the eyes!


  1. I love the wit for I could keep up with it!
    Keep on writing.

  2. Hah! Thank you! The original wit was my sister's, though I'm sure she now regrets her suggestion. Family is fair game, she knows!


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