Sunday, September 27, 2009

BONUS SONNET: In Which I Long To Be Outdoors All The Time In Autumn

It cannot be the smell of slow, cold death,
That drives me e'er outdoors this time of year
To exercise and draw in one deep breath
And then another, can it? Yet I fear
Sometimes that my deep love of Fall's just that:
A love affair with all that does decay,
Dry up, fall off, freeze, rot and then go splat,
Or just detach and gently blow away.
But summer's sun pins me down like a bug,
It burns my bare skin, gives me headaches, brings
Unwanted gawkers out who'll see me. Ugh.
Now as it wanes I think not of those things,
Just climb aboard my bike, relish the chill
And see how quickly I can climb that hill.


  1. This is a fantastic sonnet. Autumn has always been my love affair. The rapturous beauty of decay before the breath of death falls over it all in a crisp, white blanket. Ahh, beautiful.

  2. Pretty good yourself, there, Beansssesss!

  3. You are getting reaaaaaally good at this!

  4. @Lethe @Al Thanks guys. Can't tell you how good this feels right now. MWAH!


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