Sunday, September 6, 2009

In Which I May Lose My Mind But Gain A Nickname

Just now occurred one of the stranger things
That Twitter's brought my way in recent days.
The current meme is of the kind that brings
The punsters out in quite ferocious ways.
It's #notsosuperheroes that they name,
John Gregson thought of the Pun Issuer.
And, Milton Mermikides in the game,
Of course I thought that name must sure refer
To him. Then John said if that be the case,
Then Irony Man is his nom de guerre.
Agreeing, I then fell flat on my face
With one for me, but Milt with savoir faire
Dubbed me anew, and how? You'll never guess!
Behold the Iambic Pentamistress!


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