Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Flash: No Return To Mount Shasta Is On The Horizon

Sonneteer's note: this is the tenth installment of my sonnet-by-sonnet summary of a larger work, The Interstellar Feller, to be released sometime next year. To see the story so far, check out Part the Oneth here, Part the Twoth here, Part the Threeth here, part the Fourth here, Part the Fiveth here, Part the Sexieth here, Part the Seventhuth here, Part the Octthhhh here and Part the Ninth here. Wow!

Awake again and riding on the lines
Of monofilment her thumbs produce,
Yectara listens not unto the whines
Of fear or of concern her crew lets loose.
The navigator jerks when once he knows
His station is her destination. He
Makes weakly his salute and vainly throws
His glance amongst his crewmen but all we
See from them is that special empty stare,
Awaiting further orders from their queen.
"To Epsilon Aurigae we now dare,"
Yectara barks. The navigator's screen
Is quickly tuned to seek out that far star
And all the worlds around it. "There you are."

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