Friday, October 30, 2009

In Which I Don't Even Try To Dress It Up - I'm Angry And I'm Hurting

A week has passed; my tears have mostly dried
But I am far from healed; I'm angry still.
Still can't quite grasp that Mac Tonnies has died,
Keep watching for him, wond'ring what he will
Dig up for us next. Anger chokes my throat
Each time I look and find him gone again.
Did people in his call center e'er note
Just how remarkable he was? But then
How well do I know my work-mates? Something
Has got to change, to stop, has got to give.
That wondrous Mac went unmissed three days? Bring
Me tissues, please; I'm crying more. We live
In heartless times when how someone's first missed
Is by a distant friend he's never kissed.

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