Friday, October 23, 2009

R.I.P., Mac Tonnies

Standing next to a fuse-box, originally uploaded by Mac Tonnies.

Mac Tonnies, how I longed one day to meet
And talk with you directly. I've admired
Your books and blog and links. Your ev'ry tweet
Brought strange new wonders. You knew you'd inspired
A lot of my big project. I'm so glad
I told you this and shared with you my plans
Which you refined and cheered on. Now, well, "sad"
Is quite inadequate. Among your fans
Your voice, it will be missed - by ev'ry one
Who wants to take enigmas with more than
A grain of salt and not make woo-woo fun
But really try improving the slight span
Of knowledge that we have of what's beyond.
I'm devastated, Mac, that you are gone.


  1. i love Him and hi' s not Gone. propably born again somewhere

  2. Well said. Mac would have appreciated it!

    Paul Kimball

  3. Paul, thanks for saying that. I know he got a kick out of the other two sonnets I wrote for him. The internet already seems a little less funky but we'll all have to take up the slack.

    Ninni, good point.


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