Monday, October 12, 2009

In Which More Tweet-Ups Fill Me With Joy

Sonneteer's note: this looks like I finally missed a day but I assure you I did not. This sonnet was crafted long hand in my autumn red FIELD NOTES at Chicago's otherwise nifty Midway Airport, where I could not get a wi-fi signal for the life of me. Then there was no time between landing and catching the shuttle in Denver. But I don't have to convince you; I know I got the thing done at the proper time today (and it's still today until I go to bed) and that's what matters. Thank you.

Lost in meat-space I have most surely been.
Chicagoland bewilders me entire,
Each day delivered to another friend
To set my heart and spirit right on fire.
And through it all, my oldest pal, dear Mark
And his Nicole took such good care of me
That ne'er I noticed really just how stark
My lack of knowledge of this place must be.
Now back to Denver, quickly, must I fly,
And leave bits of my heart in keeping of
Mike Oliveri, John Rolin, Boogeur,
That A.N. Ommus, Lethe Bashar, my love
With Teia Hassey, Canter, Zchizz, oo-er,
And all the other Bhtches. I have found,
Though, that I've quite enough to go around.

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