Monday, October 5, 2009

In Which I Celebrate An Instrument And Drop A Subtle Hint

Just yesterday I overdid my ride
Home from my job, on my own dear Deep Blue,
Despite the cold wet drizzle that sure tried
To get me down. But I just sailed on through
An extra five or six miles, rocking out
To Beau Jocque and to ol' C.J. Chenier
And Beausoleil! An iPod that's without
Accordion is one devoid of cheer,
I say, and I know one who'd quite agree:
Stephan Spiegel, my fav'rite troubadour
On squeezebox and on mandolin though we
Have yet to hear him play. I do wait for
A Ustream concert soon. What do you say,
My sweet Stephan? It sure would make my day!


  1. Alas, my repertoire is not yet of an extent that would warrant a concert. However, I am resolved to post some stuff on the YouTubes (way to light the fire under me!)

  2. All part of the service, Stephan, dear!

  3. I love the subtle hint and you also made me think of times when I was just a lad!
    thank you.

    Although many years have past by, it still does bring a tear to eye.
    I envision times when I was just a lad and no this image does not make me sad.
    If I am mesmerize with thoughts form way back to a time when Mom played Acadian music on the accordion! My foot begins to tap in time to jigs and reels and fishing Spiel from stories Mom did tell. The music comes from deep within the valleys in my brain, and once again from times when steam did drive the train this music shall remain.


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