Friday, October 9, 2009

BONUS SONNET: With Buzz And Gravy Of A Friday Evening

It's evening at the Casa del Blow. I
Watch Old Man Buzz, the Blowman's Therabee
Go round and round and laugh. The hours fly
As Mrs. Blow, the Gravybhtch, joins me
In drooling o'er a stove, shiny and new
Which came today (yes, we've got oven porn).
I laugh at Buzz's toy, yet wonder -- ooh!
Next month, when I embark, as I have sworn
To write my NaNoWriMo, using that
Beloved white Olympia portable
Typewriter you see pictured up there at
The top of this page, might my hands cramp up?
Some exercise for them might help ramp up.

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