Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In Which Cheyenne Becomes A Hipper Place And I A Happier Cheyenneian

Cheyenne's martini bar is quite a place,
Suite 1901, in the Frontier shack
Downtown. The drinks alone will melt your face,
So good they are; nor is there any lack
Of other blandishments for such as I.
We missed the live bluesman who played last night,
But won't again, myself and funny, spry
Melissa. Owner John, to my delight
Says he has plans for tunes five nights a week.
There's only one TV and that is small,
And the decor? Quite tasteful, smooth and sleek
Mid-century modern - that's my fav'rite! Call
Me anytime, you locals, when you go
My second home awaits me there, you know.

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