Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In Which 2012 Hoaxers Have More To Answer For And A Clarion Call To Party Is Made

OR, I'm Not Crazy, I Just Want To Be Famous Before The Lizard People Get Me

I should not be surprised that Richard Heene
Believes 2012 will be the end
Of everything, and wanted some more screen
Time ere it all went down. But as my friend
The Astroengine says, be grateful for
Such nutters and the fodder they provide
For bloggers and for skeptics. I want more!
We've two years ere the epic and worldwide
And non-event takes place. Meanwhile we must
Put on our party-planning hats: 12/22
Of that fine year: Chichen Itza or bust!
When ev'ry skeptic who has any clue
Must gather, drink and dance and launch balloons.
I'll bring the sake. Ian, do the tunes?


  1. I'm there Kate, I'm there. Awesome!

  2. Sweet! Who else is in? Bill? Phil? Nicole? Donna? George? Bueller?

  3. wow you people lost it for something that will not happen.

  4. Hey Anonymous - go check out 2012.hoax.org We wouldn't be concerned if there weren't people out there spreading doomsday rhetoric so thickly that little kids are contemplating suicide to escape this thing that isn't going to happen.


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