Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Flash: Good News Or Bad?

Sonneteer's note: this is the eighth installment of my sonnet-by-sonnet summary of a larger work, The Interstellar Feller, to be released sometime next year. To see the story so far, check out Part the Oneth here, Part the Twoth here, Part the Threeth here, part the Fourth here, Part the Fiveth here, Part the Sexieth here and Part the Seventhuth here.

Pepito stands by, puzzled, bald and mute -
His portrait made him notice he's no hair -
While 'round him gathers cacogens, acute
Embarrassment just hanging in the air
As Queen Yectara takes it in the brain
From someone she respects as overlord,
Her face a mask of -- pleasure? or of pain?
It's hard to tell -- while ev'ryone aboard
Waits breathlessly. At last she gives a yelp
And looks like she'll collapse into a faint
Pepito tries to rush to offer help
But agile yet in zero-gee he ain't.
He overshoots and slams 'gainst a bulkhead.
Yectara floats unconscious - maybe dead.


  1. Really have enjoyed Pepito's story in iambic pentameter!

  2. Bet you thought I bailed on you. Love the onomatopoeia in "zero-gee". You're so clever. Hope Deep Blue feels better soon. Sorry to hear about your friend.


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