Saturday, October 10, 2009

In Which I Reflect On The Best Gig Ever

Untold volumes of Guinness went down well,
Untold gyrations on my part took place
At my best bud's live gig. I cannot tell
How long 'twill be before my smiling face
Will unfreeze from its happy rictus, or
When my poor throat will heal from screaming, "Hey!
I want to hear Hangover Head." What's more
I danced hard, did shots, wrote a song. I'd say
Last night was a resounding success. Zound,
You Bhtches! Try to top that, if you can!
You all were spot on in your parts and sound --
Oh, sound! There's nothing like a ten-year span
For mastering your instruments and rigs.
Here's hoping 'twas the first of many gigs.

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