Wednesday, October 7, 2009

In Which I Find A Sliver Of Jack Kerouac's Denver On Concourse A

This airport bar reminds me just a bit
Of what an Amtrak bar car used to be.
Two random music guys happen to sit
Right down there on the barstools next to me.
The barmaid pushes local whiskey and
We try it, laughing at the tasting notes,
And Stranahan's would seem to be the brand
(Though a bit sweet, if 'mong the counted votes
Are mine -- it's like a highball, I would say
Though I knew not that Colorado streams
Ran clear with 7UP, but that's the way
The real world works -- far stranger than my dreams.
That's how good times occur with Steve and Wes.
One never knows what's coming up, I guess.


  1. Great guns on fire that is my one desire!

    My drink is almost gone!

    I shot I thaw thumb rainbows in my glath!
    But foiled again I think it must be gath.

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